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Filmmaker - The Love Market (SPLATTER)


25 euro (ex VAT*)

► 6th press // SPLATTER vinyl

► 7th press // black vinyl

• 5th press // SOLD OUT
• 4th press PINK // SOLD OUT
• 3rd press // SOLD OUT
• 2nd press // SOLD OUT
• 1st press // SOLD OUT

To celebrate the 2000th copy of this wonderful release we thought of a special and limited edition of 500 splatter vinyl records with inverted colors covers.
Don't sleep and grab the "perfect soundtrack for your dystopic-bad-trip life".

Classic packaging:
traditional printed cover sleeve, black innersleeve, PVC sleeve, pink-black splatter vinyl record, download code.

Filmmaker "The Love Market" /// 6th press
Pink-black splatter vinyl, inverted colors cover sleeve.
It comes with a download code in the packaging.

Content: vinyl record, black innersleeve, printed cover sleeve, PVC sleeve, download code


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*EU customers will be charged +19% VAT during the checkout